Cat care New Year resolutions

Soon, it will be that time of year again when we all gather together in parties and count down the end of the year and the beginning of the new one. New Year is a great chance to begin over and to make a list of resolutions. If you are like us, you have already started on that list and have full intentions of keeping your resolutions!
Happy grey kitten being stroked under the chin
Happy grey kitten being stroked under the chin
Happy grey kitten being stroked under the chin

But how about making a list of resolutions for your cat as well? Your cat is very much a part of your everyday life and there are always things you can do to make their day better.

In this article, we’ll talk you through some potential cat New Year resolutions.

1. Schedule a daily playtime

While cats may seem like independent creatures who do not need a lot of attention, they do need playtime. Playtime helps them practise their reflexes and coordination. Most importantly though, it keeps them from becoming bored (and a bored cat is often a destructive cat).

Playtime with your kitten also strengthens your bond together. Daily playtime will just bring you closer. You do not have to have a large range of toys for this playtime: a small selection that you rotate each week should be more than enough.

2. Brush their teeth more often

Dental hygiene is an important cat New Year resolution. If your cat is an outdoor cat, you have no idea what they may have tasted or put in their mouth. Even if they live indoors, it’s important to help reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar.

Make sure you use a special cat toothbrush and cat toothpaste. Your vet will be happy – dental hygiene is often the most ignored of the grooming aspects by pet owners.

Happy Bengal cat being stroked

3. Buy them one new structural toy (such as a scratching post or cat tree)

Cats are active creatures that like to play by themselves. While there are several toys that can help keep them amused (such as stuffed toys filled with catnip), there are a few toys that will also help look after their wellbeing. A cat scratching post is one such item; it is natural for your cat to want to scratch, both to prune their claws and to fully exercise their body. Similarly, a cat tree is also important, where your cat can jump from level to level and feel like they are jumping from branch to branch and tree to tree in the wild.

This New Year, make a cat resolution that focuses on either encouraging your cat to play with these toys – or, if you do not have them yet, buying them. Once you have these two items in your home, you will have a much happier and healthier cat.

4. Schedule visits to the vet

It can be difficult to remember to go to the vet when your cat is not ill or when they do not need booster shoots. But you should not only schedule visits to the vet when there is a pressing illness. Vets check if your cat is in good health and can also spot illnesses that have not shown any symptoms yet.

Thus, a cat New Year resolution to schedule regular visits to the vet is a good idea. This year, keep your cat’s health foremost on your mind and do not miss those appointments!

5. Help your cat get more exercise

Because cats get very little exercise, they are prone to becoming fat far more quickly than other pets. Unlike dogs, they do not get a daily walk, nor can you enlist them in a sport. Outdoor cats can be pretty active, as they roam around and often jump from fence to fence or tree to tree, but indoor cats can be especially lazy. You can buy them that cat tree with all its many different levels, but if your cat will not use it, there is not much exercise they are getting from it.

As a part of this year’s cat resolutions, make sure your cat exercises. Sometimes, all they need is your encouragement. Make sure you play games with them that require them to move around. A motorised toy mouse is always a good idea; you can operate the mouse from your sofa while your cat chases it around the room.

6. Pay attention to their diet (and make sure they get the right nutrients)

This New Year, for one of your cat resolutions, make sure your cat stays in shape by keeping an extra careful eye on their diet. This means measuring how much food you give them for each meal time with a measuring cup, rather than simply eye-balling the amount you pour in. Also make sure you have bought the right kind of food for your cat – check that the type of food matches their breed and their age and is providing the right kinds of nutrients that they would need. And remember to count snacks as part of their daily food allowance!

In this article, we have outlined a couple of New Year cat resolutions that you can adopt for when the New Year begins. Almost all of these will make your cat’s life healthier and happier, so do not hesitate to make them a part of your lifestyle this New Year. If you have any others in mind, add them on!