Is My Cat a Senior Yet?

Your cat is an important part of your family, and we understand that it’s not nice to think of your fluffy companion getting older.
Person napping with cat
Person napping with cat
Person napping with cat

As felines don’t get fine lines and wrinkles like us, the signs of old age in cats aren’t always obvious.

Changes in your cat are most likely to start on the inside as they approach their golden years, and they will gradually age like we do. Although there’s no exact age when your pet changes into a senior cat, they are usually considered to be of an older age from when they reach 7 years old.

With the proper nutrition, your usual vet check-ups and a little extra tender loving care, there’s no reason why your older cat shouldn’t stay happy and healthy throughout their later years.

Caring for senior cats

Orange cat being stroked

Our guide on caring for your senior cat will provide helpful tips to ensure that your cat is as happy and healthy as possible in their older years.

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