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Packaging is critical to ensure the high quality and safety of our products. We are committed is to keep innovating and working with partners to ensure more and more of our packaging is recyclable and recycled by users, and that we also focus on innovating to reduce the amount of packaging in our products.

Our packaging is fundamental in ensuring that the foods we produce for our four-legged friends arrive fresh, safe and unspoiled in their bowls, and is not wasted as a result.

Each package, whether for dry or wet food, or snacks, also provides important nutritional and legal information about the product that helps you measure, serve and know more about our products.

Our mission is to ensure that we use the minimum adequate amount of packaging by weight and volume, and that packaging is recovered at the end of its useful life.

We are on-track to meet our target as we have avoided the use of 2,755 tonnes of packaging through our technical initiatives by 2017. To improve recycling rates, we are involved in projects across Europe, exploring materials from renewable resources and leading the development of renewable bio plastics.

For instance, in France we have established a partnership with one of our suppliers to pilot the recycling of aluminum pouches, which separates plastic from aluminum. This will allow plastic to be used as a feedstock for other materials or as a fuel, and the aluminum can then be used for future packaging.
We are also using a special tool when developing new packaging to help us understand the impact of Purina’s packaging today versus the new solution, and to help us make the right packaging decisions.
Our objective is to continue analyzing and optimizing our packaging to avoid the use of minimum 3,000 tonnes of packaging material by 2019.

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