Jean Christophe

Senior Pet Nutritionist and Regulatory Affairs Specialist @Purina

Jean Christophe


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‘100% complete and balanced’ means that the product in question can be used on a continuous basis for a balanced diet and is able to provide your pet with all the nutrition it needs.

In most cases, pets are fed the same product day after day on a continuous basis or even throughout their entire lifetime. That’s why it is critical to give them foods that combine the various ingredients in the right proportion, according to the different phases of the pet’s life and its physiology, meal after meal, day after day, because it can impact a pet’s health.

Our 100% complete and balanced products are formulated by pet care professionals and based on research and science, to deliver the best possible pet nutrition so that pets can benefit from a healthy coat, good digestion or abundant energy, all of it with the taste they enjoy and love.