About Dublin SPCA

The DSPCA, Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, is Ireland’s largest animal welfare organisation. Founded in 1840, DSPCA is one of the world’s oldest animal charities and is celebrating its 175th Anniversary this year.

The DSPCA works in animal rescue and rehoming, prosecution for animal cruelty, providing low cost veterinary care to people in receipt of social welfare and humane education in schools and local communities. It deals with many species of both domestic and wild animals, working to help sick, injured and cruelly treated animals and improving their welfare in Ireland.

This year the DSPCA will rehome and release back into the wild more than 3,000 animals of various species including dogs, cats, horses, exotic pets and wildlife. Operating from its 30 acre site in Rathfarnham, South Dublin, it provides care and rehabilitation to the animals in its care. The charity employs 52 staff and has a volunteer base of over 250 people.

How Purina helps

We are passionate about the work we do with the DSPCA and the charity says our support is a lifeline to the animals in their care.

We provide all of the food for the charity’s rescued kittens, cats, puppies and dogs in its rescue and rehoming centres and the 1,000 pets that will go through our foster programme this year. We believe we are a partner of the charity in the truest sense, we care deeply about pets and are proud to support and invest in the great work carried out by the DSPCA.

“At Purina we are privileged to work in partnership with the DSPCA, a partnership that has been in place for a number of years. As part of that partnership we provide all the food required, our Advanced Nutrition brand Pro Plan, for the dogs and cats that are waiting to be rehomed. We also partner with the DSPCA at key events during the year, most notably the DSPCA Great Irish Dog Walk in Partnership with Purina. It is a partnership that we are proud of, feel passionately about and look forward to sharing for many years ahead.”

Kieran Conroy, Country Category Manager for Ireland, Purina

When an animal comes into the DSPCA sick, injured or as the result of horrendous cruelty, there are basic things that help in the rehabilitation of the animal - comfortable shelter, veterinary care, careful handling and good food. We would not be able to continue to do the work we do without the support of Purina. Good nutritious food is the most importantelement in rehabilitating the animals.
Brian Gillen, Chief Executive, DSPCA

How you can help the DSPCA

Each year the DSPCA receives more than 80,000 phone calls from the public, responds to more than 10,000 emergency calls and rescues, rehabilitates, releases and rehomes thousands of animals and wildlife. The DSPCA is Ireland’s largest animal welfare organisation and has been serving the public since 1840.


When you become a Monthly Supporter, you join a wonderful group of people who donate on a monthly basis. This monthly support helps the charity in the fight to end animal cruelty, save more animals and promote animal welfare.


Your caring donation makes it possible for the DSPCA’s life-saving programs to create happy endings for those innocent lives touched by cruelty.

It’s my “Kitty Fix” for the week as I am unable to have a pet of my own. I love been able to come up, help out and offer love and affection to so many cats that find their way through the shelter doors.
Aileen Cashman Volunteer


By participating in the Sponsor-a-Pet Program you are contributing towards the cost of your chosen animal's care, as well as helping to fund the work of their animal rescue service.

I get so much pleasure when I see an unloved dog finding love again with a new fab family. It’s a vocation been able to spend time up here with so many fabulous dogs and the amazing staff that look after them.
Kind Dedicated Volunteer


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