Food Safety Manager and Veterinarian @Purina


How it's made

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At Purina, we take quality very seriously. Our European factories send samples externally for checking and we have in-house quality laboratories to carry out extensive checks on everything, from raw materials, to semi-finished and finished products.

First it is essential we check the raw materials on arrival at the factory, taking a sample from each delivery, to ensure our suppliers meet our required quality standards. Only raw materials that meet our strict quality criteria are accepted inside the factory. Then, during production, we take samples of semi-finished products at regular intervals to check that there are no irregularities. No product leaves a factory without being sampled. Every day, teams of experts assess the quality of our products to verify that there are no deviations from qualitative requirements such as consistency, colour or aroma. Our team who have been passionately working at Purina for years will tell you all about it in this video.