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The vast majority of the raw materials (over 90%) that we use in our products sold and manufactured in Europe are sourced from within Europe. Only when materials are not produced or available in the needed quantities do we source them outside of Europe.

At Purina, we manufacture a range of products that consist of a variety of ingredients and of course, each ingredient can come from a different place, depending on where the ingredient is cultivated or produced and where our factory is located. Most of our products sold in Europe are produced in Europe. In fact, over 90% of our raw ingredients come from Europe as well. The only exception is when the material is not produced or available in the required quantities.  For example: 99% of our meat ingredients are sourced from Europe, but from time to time we need to source meat from Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. In the case of soya where there is limited availability in Europe in the quantities to meet our needs, we also need to look to sources outside of Europe.

We work hard to source from suppliers close to our factories to minimize the environmental impact and to support the local economy.

No matter where our ingredients come from, there is one thing they have in common: we only use suppliers that comply with our food safety and quality standards to ensure we only use high quality and safe ingredients.