1 Out Of 4 Cats Are Rehomed During Their Lifetime

Purina are dispelling common misconceptions to encourage more people to consider adopting a rescue cat

Myth 1

Rescue cats have difficult personalities

Meet Chris and Legz. They bust the myth that rescue cats have difficult personalities.

Myth 2

Rescue cats are unaffectionate

Meet Isha and Holly. They bust the myth that rescue cats are unaffectionate.

Myth 3

Rescue cats are only mixed breeds

Meet Kenzy and Baby Boy. They bust the myth that rescue cats are only mixed breeds.

We Believe That #WeAreBetterWithPets

We have started a movement asking people to join us by making their commitment

Naomi Timberly commits to supporting rescue cats "My commitment would be to encourage people to consider adopting or rehoming rescue cats.

Adopting a Cat

Find out everything you need to know about adopting a cat through our Charity Partner.

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Cats Protection

Discover about Purina’s partner Cats Protection - the leading feline welfare charity.

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If you’d like help or advice on adopting a cat,contact our PETCARE EXPERT TEAM