Because we’re so passionate about pets and the positive benefits they bring to society’s health and wellbeing, we’ve committed to do even more for both pets and those that love them.

We’re in a unique position as a pet care company to help create a more positive future for pets, their owners and the wider society. At Purina, research into how we can help society has informed our commitments. That’s why, to make sure that we’re concentrating on the most important areas, we’ve conducted a materiality study to identify how and where we could make a real difference.

We spoke to pet owners, vets, industry opinion leaders, sustainability experts and those responsible for pet welfare and they helped us to identify areas where we can really champion the positive role of pets in society as well as actions we can take to minimise our environmental and social impact. We constantly ask: where is Purina good, where are we leaders in the field, and where can we improve?

The materiality study helped us define a set of ten commitments – collectively known as The Purina in Society Commitments – and these will shape the way we do business as a company, and how we act as individuals, now and in the future.

By making these commitments and by inviting others to work with us, we believe we can make tangible improvements to the health and wellbeing of our pets, their owners and society as a whole. We want to move beyond our core expertise of nutrition to encompass the emotional, physical, mental, behavioural and societal health, all of which link back to pets and pet ownership. At Purina, health, wellbeing, and dedication to the environment are all part of creating a better world for people and their pets.

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Understanding Materiality

Materiality is about identifying the issues that matter most to all those involved in caring for pets and who have an interest in our company, particularly in the areas in which we operate (pet food nutrition and manufacturing). We plot the economic, social and environmental issues that are of most concern to these interested parties against the impacts they may have on how we manufacture, how we manage our finances and on our reputation.

Together, the results of Purina’s research highlight the important (material) issues that are facing Purina, which may be ones we are already working on, ones that are evolving or ones that are new to us.

We use them to help select the areas where we can actively make commitments to improve how we contribute to the lives of pets, people who love them and society overall.

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