Food Safety Manager and Veterinarian @Purina


How it's made

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We carry around 1,400 daily checks throughout the production process.

In our factories, every day we carry out numerous tests to ensure the raw materials and the finished product meet our strict criteria for making safe, high-quality pet food.

Based on a set of pre-defined standards, our finished products are evaluated according to a series of physical and sensorial parameters. These include things like checking the size of the kibble, the colour, aroma, and density of the kibble. In addition, we´re looking for any presence of fragmented products, as well as the possibility of cross-contamination. To do this, both physical measuring instruments and sensory means are used, such as vision and smell: our quality assurance team receive specific training in this regard, which is updated every year.

At the end of each day, once all of the various tests are analysed and we have the results, production from the previous day is then released for distribution to our retailers for onward sale. Finished product checks are just a part of more than 1,400 controls performed daily during the entire process. We carry out around 300 tests every day on the raw materials and our packaging materials that enter our manufacturing plants and perform other 1100 checks during the production process and with the finished products.