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Yes, pet food can be made with and without grains. When it is produced without grains, alterantive sources of carbohydrates must be added for a complete and balanced diet. Because people prefer different sources of nutrition, Purina offers a wide range of products, including grain-free pet food, that allow pet owners to choose a food that is right for their pet.

Both cats and dogs benefit from eating grains. Grains like corn, wheat and barley are excellent sources of essential and beneficial nutrients. They are one of the best ways to provide antioxidants, energy-rich carbohydrate and fiber to promote digestion. You can read more about the benefits of grains here.

However, we realise consumers are looking for choices to feed their pet, which is why we make formulas with and without grains. We recognise some pet owners are selective about certain ingredients and may prefer grain-free pet food. For these pet owners, we offer formulas with alternative sources of carbohydrates, such as cassava root flour and pea starch. We have several brands that carry a grain free formulation as part of their product line. These include: PURINA BEYOND, BETA, BAKERS or PRO PLAN DOG. All of our grain-free pet food recipes provide complete and balanced nutrition and continue to be the high quality products pet owners know and expect from Purina.

A grain-free recipe doesn’t mean that the product is ‘carbohydrate free’ as some owners believe; Grains are usually replaced with an alternative carbohydrate source as a necessary component for a well-balanced diet. Moreover, a product advertising a grain-free recipe doesn’t necessarily mean the diet has a higher animal protein content.