Promote Pets in the Workplace

Our Goals

By 2020

Across Europe, we will create 200 alliances to support pets at work initiatives.

Our Point of View

As a leading pet care company we want to support people so that they are able to enjoy all the benefits of pet ownership in the ever-changing world in which we live. Having pets at work is one of ways in which we can enjoy the companionship of our pets all day.

We know that pets have a hugely positive impact on our mental and physical health and wellbeing, but longer working hours, increased on-the-go consumerism, population moves from rural to a more urban lifestyle can make it difficult to accommodate pets into 21st century lives.

Through our own experience of opening our doors to pets across Europe, we are working with partners to promote the health benefits of pet ownership and make pet ownership easier and more accessible, including supporting businesses to open their doors to pets.

Pets in Purina Offices

We strongly believe that people and pets are better together and having pets at work is a clear demonstration of our passion for pets and the Purina values we all share. We put a lot of work into making the Nestlé Purina offices across Europe as pet-friendly as possible. Across many of our locations our four-legged friends are a regular feature in the office. This ranges from some offices allowing dogs come in for a day or week a year to an increasingly common practice of seeing dogs have a permanent place throughout the Nestlé offices.

Building on Nestlé CSV

Where appropriate Nestlé in the markets will be – and are already - joining in with this activity alongside Purina

Read more about Nestlé CSV

Promote pets in the workplace

It’s pawesome having pets at work…

Did you know that according to studies, employees who bring pets to work show less signs of stress? Or that having pets in the office encourages a healthy work-life blend?

There are lots of proven benefits for the dogs too - they get to socialize with new people and play with other dogs while enjoying more daily activity and more time with their owner. We’ve had an established pets at work practice here in the UK since 2003 and our UK head office became the first fully dog friendly Nestlé office in the world in 2015.

Our Pets At Work scheme gives all employees the chance to bring their four-legged friends into the office and we now have over 50 canine colleagues in our UK programme. We hope sharing our experience will inspire other companies to open their doors to dogs too! To find out more about our pets at work journey click here.

Our other commitments

Remove artificial colourants from our products

Many of our products are already free from artificial colourants. By 2023 all will be.


Deliver accessible product information and pet care advice

We believe in empowering consumers to make informed choices.


Create jobs at Purina for young people across Europe

We recognise that attracting and retaining great people is critical for the future of our business.


Promote responsible pet ownership programmes for children

We want to help educate more children across Europe to learn about responsible pet ownership.


Implement responsible sourcing

We’re committed to ensuring that we and our suppliers act in a responsible and sustainable way.


Lead the industry in pet nutrition and health research

As a company of pet lovers we are dedicated to leading the way in keeping pets healthy and happy, through industry leading nutrition and pet understanding.


Help reduce the risk of pet obesity through collaborative prevention programmes

At Purina, we want to raise greater awareness of pet obesity and work with partners to create holistic prevention programmes.


Improve the environmental performance of Purina’s packaging

We have an obligation to reduce our environmental impact and encourage recycling.


Promote pet adoption through collaborations and partnerships

We want to help more pets find loving homes.