When does my dog become a senior?

As with any of our loved ones, we don’t like to think of our dogs getting on in years. Aside from a few grey hairs, your pet might not show signs of ageing on the outside.
Retriever and owner
Retriever and owner
Retriever and owner

It’s more likely that changes will start to happen on the inside as they approach their twilight years.

Just like us, dogs get older gradually - there’s no exact age that they become “senior”, but they can usually be considered to be of an older age between 5-9 years old. The age that your pet is considered to be “older” depends on what dog you have, as typically smaller dogs have a much longer lifespan than giant breeds.

Even as your dog ages, they should still be able to get the most out of life. With your usual vet check-ups, a little extra love and attention and proper nutrition, you can still enjoy the same bond with a happy, healthy pet.

Caring for senior dogs

Retriever being stroked

Read our guide on caring for your senior dog for more information on how to keep your dog as healthy and happy as possible during their older years.

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