Lead the Industry in Pet Nutrition and Health Research

Our Goals

By 2017

We will launch 16 new products focused on improving the health and wellbeing of pets.

We will share our research by publishing four articles a year in technical journals.

Our Point of View: Purina, Research, and Nutrition

We are a company of pet lovers, from our scientists and nutritionists to our marketing and sales people. We are dedicated to understanding pets’ nutritional, behavioural and social needs and focused on doing everything we can to keep them healthy and happy. We fundamentally believe that scientifically-proven, good quality nutrition is essential to pets’ wellbeing. That’s why, since the start of the company and through all our activities, we’ve kept true to our promise of high quality nutrition, proven science and results. At Purina, nutrition takes centre stage.

As one of the leading pet care companies in the world, we’ve made significant investment into science, innovation and pet understanding. We have a responsibility to pets, and their owners, to use this knowledge and pet food research, as well as our development know-how, to push the boundaries and continue to develop diets including ones for pets with special needs and those requiring veterinary-prescribed nutrition.

In 2015, we launched a new Diabetes diet for diabetic cats and a new dental product in our Pro Plan Veterinary diets range and a new product specifically for sterilised senior cats (Sterilised Adult 7+) in our Pro Plan Cat range. Working in partnership with respected colleagues and veterinary leaders worldwide we are excited by the prospect of leading the industry in improving the health and wellbeing of pets.

Building on Nestlé CSV

Nestlé's goal is to be the food industry leader in nutrition, health and wellness, including via the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences established to conduct pioneering research in health science nutrition

Nestlé Commitment: Lead the industry in nutrition and health research through collaboration

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Lead the industry in pet nutrition and health research

Our other commitments

Create jobs at Purina for young people across Europe

We recognise that attracting and retaining great people is critical for the future of our business.


Promote pets in the workplace

We want to use our expertise in allowing pets in our offices to help other companies do the same.


Remove artificial colourants from our products

Many of our products are already free from artificial colourants. By 2023 all will be.


Deliver accessible product information and pet care advice

We believe in empowering consumers to make informed choices.


Promote responsible pet ownership programmes for children

We want to help educate more children across Europe to learn about responsible pet ownership.


Implement responsible sourcing

We’re committed to ensuring that we and our suppliers act in a responsible and sustainable way.


Help reduce the risk of pet obesity through collaborative prevention programmes

At Purina, we want to raise greater awareness of pet obesity and work with partners to create holistic prevention programmes.


Improve the environmental performance of Purina’s packaging

We have an obligation to reduce our environmental impact and encourage recycling.


Promote pet adoption through collaborations and partnerships

We want to help more pets find loving homes.