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Your dog is one of the best companions there is, and he wants to come with you everywhere. From discovering days out that you can share together to finding dog-friendly hotels, our Dog Directory will help you find just what you’re looking for. If you’re not going on an adventure just yet, use the Directory to find local vets, reliable dog-sitters, and more.

You like your pet to look his best, and he loves a bit of extra fuss and attention – so why not find a dog grooming parlour near you? If you’re going on holiday and can’t bear to leave him behind, look for dog friendly cottages and, if you like taking him on long walks, search for dog friendly pubs where you can both stop for a rest. Equally, if a vet is what you’re looking for, or dog services such as walkers or sitters to give you a bit of extra time, you can search for reputable locations near your home.

If you are out and about when you want to find a dog-friendly location, you can find the Directory for Dogs in the free ‘my dog’ app. With over 27,000 dog-friendly places and services at your fingertips, just start your search by choosing a category.

Have fun exploring!

Holidays with your dog

Dogs love a holiday just as much as you do, and taking them with you needn’t be complicated. From dog-friendly caravan parks to pet-friendly hotels, there are lots of places to choose from for your next trip.

All the entries in the Directory for Dogs are chosen to make sure that they’re dog friendly, however we do recommend that you contact holiday locations in advance just to make sure they’ll accept your dog, especially if you have more than one.

Just remember to read up on everything you need to know about travelling with your dog before you set off.

If you discover somewhere great that’s not in our directory, why not get in touch and let us know?

Have a good trip!

Places to go with your dog

Whether you’re thinking of going on holiday with your dog or you’re looking for a great day out with them, there are plenty of places that will welcome both of you. Use the Directory for Dogs to find fantastic dog friendly beaches where they can stretch their legs, dog friendly restaurants you can both enjoy, or discover dog friendly pubs for a break when you’re out and about.

Your dog is always ready to discover something new, so remember these simple steps when you’re out together:

  • Don’t leave them unattended in new or public places – they might get worried and upset.
  • Make sure they’re well house-trained so no accidents happen if you venture inside.
  • Train them to ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘come’, and teach them not to jump up or bark at strangers – a well-behaved dog always makes the best impression!

But most importantly, have plenty of fun and enjoy your time out together!

Services for dogs

Need a little help looking after your dog? Use the Directory for Dogs to search for local dog walking services or doggy day care locations, get hands on with dog training classes and help your dog look their best with some expert dog grooming. You can even find dog clubs the two of you can join! You’ll also find contact details for dog breeders in your local area.

Remember to do your research before deciding on the right service for you and your dog – taking the time to look around will make sure you find the best for you and your dog

Find vets and dog health care near you

As a loving owner, we understand that you will want the best for your dog, especially when it comes to keeping them healthy and happy – that’s why regular health checks with a vet are so important.

Use the Directory for Dogs to find vets and dog health care services near you, to keep your canine companion in tip-top condition.

Finding the right vet for your pet can take a little patience, but the research will be worth it as you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your dog has access to the best care.

Start searching now to find your vet or dog health service, helping to keep your dog in great health for years to come!

Dog rescue centres near you

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of meeting your new dog for the first time, and if you’re wondering where to rehome a dog that you can share your next adventure with, local dog shelters are a good solution. Not only are you giving a dog a much-deserved second chance, you can be assured that they’ve had a full health check and are ready to go to a good home.

Use the Dog Directory to find details of animal rescue centres in your area and start your adoption journey.

Before you visit, remember to think about what you want from a pet and how much care and attention you’re able to give them – read our page on adopting a dog for more guidance on finding the right dog for you.

Adopting a dog isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, but once you’ve found the perfect pet for you, you can be sure of a fulfilling relationship for both you and your rescued dog.

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