Squarely built, the muscular Italian Spinone is solid and robust. Adult male dogs stand at 60-70cm and weigh 34-39kg, and adult females are 58-65cm tall and weigh 29-34kg. Their medium-length, rough coat comes in white, white and orange, orange roan (a fine mixture of coloured hairs and white hairs), white and brown, and brown roan.

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Italian Spinone


No one is sure of the Italian Spinone dog breed's exact origins, but paintings from the Renaissance period depict Italian wire-haired pointers not dissimilar to today's breed. Sometimes called the Spinone Italiano or the Italian Griffon, he has long been used as a versatile gundog in his homeland, and is a popular HPR (hunt, point, retrieve) breed, as enthusiastic in water, wading through marshes, as he is on land.


A gentle, tolerant, sociable dog, the Italian Spinone is a fun companion and enjoys human companionship – be it playing in the garden, to lying contentedly at your feet at the end of a long walk. An active home, where he can get plenty of regular exercise outdoors, is essential.


The Italian Spinone is generally a healthy, robust breed. As with many large breeds, they can suffer from hip dysplasia (a condition that can lead to mobility problems). Hip scoring of dogs prior to breeding is therefore important.


At least two hours' daily exercise is needed for this dog. He has great stamina and will enjoy all kinds of exercise – from HPR work, to swimming or retrieving toys (on water or land).


Large breed dogs, as well as having large appetites, benefit from a different balance of nutrients including minerals and vitamins compared to smaller-breed dogs. The Italian Spinone is prone to bloating and stomach problems; smaller, more frequent meals can help minimise this risk.


The thick, coarse coat is 4-6cm in length, and he has bushy eyebrows and a moustache/beard, which collects dribble and food and will need regular wiping. The coat should be brushed a couple of times a week, and stripped if necessary (where the dead is plucked out).

Best Dog Breeds for Children

While many dogs are traditionally thought of as being good with children , all dogs and children need to be taught to get on with and respect each other, and be safe together. Even so, dogs and young children should never be left alone together and adults should supervise all interactions between them.

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The Italian Spinone is a robust breed that loves human companionship and going on plenty of long walks. Find out more about this active breed with Purina.

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What to Consider next


It is incredibly fulfilling to adopt a dog from an animal shelter or rescue organization. It often means offering them a second chance in life. There are many dogs waiting for a loving family, a forever home. Reputable centers will be very careful about matching the right people with the right dogs. Staff learns all they can about the dogs they take in, and will spend time getting to know you, your family and your lifestyle, before they match you with any of their dogs. They’ll also be happy to give you advice and answer any questions you might have before and after the adoption.

Finding a good breeder

If your heart is set on a pedigree puppy, then your best bet is to find a reputable breeder. Contact The Kennel Club or a breed-club secretary who may have a list of litters available, or should be able to put you in contact with breeders in your area. Try to choose a breeder who is part of the Kennel Club’s assured breeder scheme.Visit dog shows to meet breeders in person and inquire about availability of pups of your chosen breed.

Welcoming your dog home

Whether you’re bringing home a tiny puppy or rehoming an adult dog, this is a hugely exciting time for everyone. While you’re waiting for the big day you might need to distract yourself, so luckily there are a few things you need to sort out before you welcome your new arrival. Click here for more information