Why dogs make good pets

Dogs really do deserve their title of ‘man’s best friend’. They’re loyal, intelligent, devoted and affectionate – and are known to improve our physical and mental health.
White dog laying in grass with owner
White dog laying in grass with owner
White dog laying in grass with owner

When it comes to deciding which dogs make the best pets, it really does depend on your lifestyle and the environment you live in. But the bigger question perhaps is why get a dog?

The benefits of owning a dog

Dog walking on a lead in grass with owner

Nothing beats a long walk with your four-legged friend on a fresh, spring morning. Or seeing the joy on their faces when you pick up a ball and they know it’s playtime in the local park! Even relaxing at home feels better in each other’s company.

There’s an old saying, which is certainly true, that pets and dogs repay the love you give them ten-fold.

Before you rush out and get a dog, it’s important to think it through very thoroughly. It can be hard work and it’s a lifetime commitment, as your dog will be relying on you for many years to come.

Once you’re sure you have the time and lifestyle to include a dog in your life, and you’ve done your research about different breeds and personalities it’s time to look at all the benefits of owning a dog.

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Did you know?

  • Studies have found that dog owners have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol than non-dog owners and are less likely to have minor or serious health problems.
  • Dog owners generally have a stronger immune system, helping them to stay well and spend less time getting over sickness and bugs. In fact, dog owners visit the doctor less often than non-dog owners, and are less likely to be on medication.
  • People recover faster from illnesses and even have higher survival rates after a heart attack if they have a dog.
  • Children who have a furry friend have fewer days off school due to sickness.
  • Children with chronic illnesses often cope better with treatment when they have a canine companion.
  • Dogs provide us with a sense of emotional wellbeing thanks to the unconditional love they give, which is why they’re also great company and comfort for people who live alone.
  • Owning a dog can help people to recover from personal trauma, such as bereavement.
  • Dog ownership can help those with mental health problems to recover and feel better.
  • Taking your dog for regular walks really does help improve your fitness levels, and can help keep you healthy!
  • Dog walking will often mean meeting other dog owners – meaning that you can make new friends at the same time as your dog!
  • Walks can help give you valuable time to get away from it all and spend some time with your faithful friend.

On top of all these serious benefits, dogs are also fantastic fun. They can make you laugh, they’re there at the end of a hard day, and they’ll almost always be on hand for a reassuring hug when you need it!

Dog laying on sofa with owner as he reads newspaper
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