Finding the Right Cat for You

Getting a New Cat

Learn more about your new feline friend

Getting a New Cat: Finding the Right Cat for Me

Why Adopt an Older Cat?

When adopting a cat, don't automatically count out older cats. There are numerous benefits to adopting an older kitty, they're much better suited to those with a busy lifestyle, among other things! Keep reading to learn more reasons why you should consider adopting an older cat.
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Should I Get a Cat or Dog?

We’re a nation of pet lovers, and rightly so! Cats and dogs offer unconditional love, affection and friendship, as well as a host of therapeutic benefits, such as improved general health and wellbeing – after all, who doesn’t like a cuddle from a furry friend at the end of a long day?
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Choosing the Right Cat for You

Getting a new cat or kitten is a wonderfully exciting experience!
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Different cat breeds

Many of the cats you see out and about are affectionately known as ‘moggies’, which simply means a non-pedigree cat. Friendly, attractive, and full of curiosity, they’re probably the most common type of feline friend to have.
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How do I adopt or rescue a cat?

There are many benefits of choosing to adopt a cat. You’re considering giving a pet a second chance at a fulfilled family life, an opportunity that every animal should have.
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Getting a cat

Deciding to get a new cat is so exciting, but also can raise lots of questions. For example, what breed would you like? Can you handle the challenges of a cheeky kitten, or would a calmer senior cat suit your lifestyle more?
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