Christmas presents for cats

The festive season will soon be here, which means present shopping is just around the corner. But what about your cat? Here are a few Christmas presents for cats that will involve them in the festivities!
Cat sleeping on carpet with Christmas décor
Cat sleeping on carpet with Christmas décor
Cat sleeping on carpet with Christmas décor

1. Delicious cat treats

When it’s time for Christmas dinner, we love smelling those delicious scents coming from the kitchen. Your cat probably feels the same – they would love to get their paws on that great-smelling food!

Why let your cat miss out on all the fun? A good Christmas present for your cat is a selection of Purina treats that they can enjoy over the festive season. They will help keep your cat occupied while you are eating your own dinner, and will discourage them from trying to get their paws on your food (which might not be good for them). Just remember that it all counts as part of their daily food allowance.

And for a bit of extra fun...

If you want to make the season a little more adventurous, try hiding these treats around the house and encouraging your cat to find them. Your cat will not be as enthusiastic about hide and seek as a dog, so make sure you place them in areas that they frequent, such as their bed or their favourite perch on the windowsill, or even at the base of their scratching post. It will just be a wonderful surprise each time they find one!

2. Toy mice

This Christmas present for cats is an old favourite. Cats have an established relationship to mice and it is no secret that they like pouncing on things that move. This Christmas, invest in a toy mouse. This mouse toy could be a stuffed mouse, which means your cat can play with it on their own, or it could be a motorised mouse. Either way, make sure you get one in bright Christmas colours, preferably red and green. It will just add a touch of festiveness to the present.

And for a bit of extra fun...

If you buy a motorised toy mouse as a cat Christmas present, you can have plenty of fun with this on Christmas. Simply direct the mouse out of your cat’s paws using the remote that controls them and watch your cat chase it. Make sure you play this game where your cat cannot crash into anything and disrupt Christmas proceedings – you do not want the turkey to end up on the floor!

Tabby cat next to a Christmas tree with baubles

3. Tablet Games

If you have a tablet, there’s no need to go to the pet shop for a Christmas present – download a new, fun game that your cat can play at Christmas time! There are lots of games designed just for cats on different app stores, and they usually involve encouraging your cat to interact with the screen. For example, your cat may have to hit a moving object, such as an animated mouse. Just make sure you don’t mind your cat pawing your tablet – those claws can be sharp!

Why cats love it?

Your cat loves to pounce and catch, so a game that involves ‘catching’ things (or a more Christmas version of it) will hold their attention.

4. Update some older equipment

Christmas is a brilliant time to upgrade some of your cat’s much-loved but old equipment. If their scratching post looks a bit ropey, their bed is wearing out, or their toys have seen better days now is a great time to treat them to something new.

Visit your local pet shop (or look online) and choose something you know they’ll love. Think about their personality, what they liked or didn’t like about their old equipment, and how it will fit in your house.

Why cats love it?

Nothing is better than a brand new scratching post or toy! Updating your cat’s old equipment will give them something new to explore, as well as making sure they are comfortable and won’t get their claws on any old, loose parts.

In this article, we’ve explored a few Christmas presents you can buy for your cat to get them in the Christmas spirit and ensure they have as lovely a time this season as you. Let us know if you have any other Christmas present ideas for cats!